River Vrbas

The main river flow of Banja Luka, Vrbas, with its blue-green color and landscapes that it creates on its way from the Zec Mountain to the Sava River, represents one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. South of Banja Luka, Vrbas creates a fantastic canyon in which there is a series of natural rarities. Rapids, waterfalls, cascades, beaches, surrounding rocks as well as the wealth of flora and fauna make this area special.

Vrbas is characterised by rare and valuable species of fish from the family salmonidae such as brown trout, grayling and huchen, which shows the exceptional quality of the water and the specificity of the fish stock. The Vrbas River is the perfect place for numerous events and sports competitions. A special attractions are water sports for which this river provides excellent conditions. The specificity of this river is also the boat dajak which got its name from the pole which serves to push the boat.