Banja Luka

Banja Luka, the largest city of the Republic of Srpska, proudly bears the title of “City of greenery” because of its many parks and alleys.

The fact that Banja Luka is the University Centre of the Republic of Srpska is confirmed by a large number of young people who are hurriedly moving to many educational institutions. The favorite gathering place of young people is the so-called “Parkic” i.e. a street closed to traffic, with benches and cafes that runs from the building of the “City Administration of Banja Luka” to the National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska. Walking through Parkic you can see architectural gems: Church of Christ the Savior, Banski Dvor and Palace of the Republic. Also, you can visit the monument of Ban Svetislav Tisa Milosavljević, during whose reign all of these buildings were built.

Love always accompanies youth, and all people of Banja Luka, as well as those who only have visited Banja Luka, are in love in the beautiful Vrbas River. The Green beauty is in its upper course quite impetuous and provides an opportunity for adventure (rafting, kayaking…), while, in the city centre, it slows down, perhaps not knowingly taking into account the cultural objects and habits of city residents.
When the day nears its end, the daily concerts  at Banski Dvor and the Music Pavilion begin, as well as theatre performances at the National Theatre, and, in the summer, the Kastel fortress becomes one large stage.

Tasting gastronomic specialties of its restaurants is something inevitable when you visit Banja Luka. Especially interesting are the traditional dishes like ljevusa, various types of pies, roasts. but no gastronomic tour can ever be complete without the “king” of the local cuisine – Banja Luka is ćevap, served in characteristic soaked buns. All this enjoying in food should start with a good “Krajina droplet” – plum brandy and after the meal comes the famous Banja Luka beer.

All are invited and welcome to Banja Luka, a city of greenery, youth, culture and adventure!