Manifestation “Kozara Ethno”

In the first week of July, in the Potkozarje village Piskavica and the city of Banja Luka, a traditional manifestation “Kozara Ethno” is held. The first Kozara Ethno was held in 2005, and it was organised by the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka and KUD “Piskavica” both of which improved this event every year.

The Kozara Ethno shows the Kozara man, how people used to live in Kozara and Potkozarje through presentation of traditional customs, culture and local cuisine. The event is colored with authentic ethno sound through the Festival of original songs and music, which groups from the Kozara area as well as guests from abroad take part in.

The event Kozara Ethno has a specific theme each year and it presents different rural activities that were performed in the villages of Potkozarje in homes and in the field. In keeping with the theme of the event different performances, exhibitions, presentations and other cultural and tourist content are organised.