Manastir Gomionica

The Gomionica Monastery with its church dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary is located 42 km west of Banja Luka, along the upper course of the river with the same name, in fact, its right tributary, a stream called Matavaz. The fast and clear mountain water and wooded hill slopes of Pilipovic hill, Kozijerac and Kika, with pastures in places, give Gomionica’s secluded surroundings a vividness and lush beauty of untouched nature.
The picturesque nature of its surroundings is complemented by old wooden watermills, whose wheel is still turned by the stream.
The monastery can be reached by the road that leads from Banja Luka to Bronzani Majdan, where the road detaches for another 12 km of narrow asphalt road to the village Kmecani whose households are scattered around the monastery. Monastic life, dedicated to prayer peace and spiritual feats, has always sought isolated dwellings, away from the bustle of worldly life, in an oasis of pure nature, away from noisy roads.

Fulfilling their spiritual mission in the Serbian Orthodox people in the period of centuries of slavery, the monastery was repeatedly burned, looted and desecrated. It was always restored again, under very difficult circumstances and it always returned to its original purpose.