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Šipovo is a beautiful Krajina town located in the extreme south-west of the Republic of Srpska and in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It lies on the clear, beautiful mountains rivers Pliva and Janja, but also small rivers Sokocnica, Lubovica and Volarica. This town of about 10 000 inhabitants, is surrounded by mountains Vitorog, Plazenica, Ravna Gora, Gorica, Lisina and Cardak and the area is covered by forest, the lower regions have beech and hornbeam growing and in the higher mountainous areas, trees are much denser with mostly spruce and fir growing. Sipovo has become an indispensable representative of the increasingly popular rural tourism. It is a town where you will surely enjoy its natural beauty, good food, kind and friendly people. And at least for a moment forget the harsh laws of civilisation!

Adventurers, explorers, recreationists and fans of pedaling on two wheels – this is the place to experience new and unforgettable rides through our beautiful area. Whether you prefer a ride along a river or perhaps through a forested hills and glades or you have a preference to visit a particular village or place – we have something for you. We recommend for you marked and signposted paths, between 8 km and 55 km in length and with various inclines and difficulty.