River Pliva

The Pliva area, which constitutes a unique natural and tourist region, seems perfect with its natural beauty and phenomena for rest and relaxation of modern man. In the western part of the municipality of Sipovo, 8.5 km from the town, at an altitude of 481m, three springs emerge to make up the Pliva River. The abundance of water that silently emerges from the karst bosom rapidly increases speed and becomes noisy and sparkling, and then, in the Pljeva valley, it calms down and becomes a quiet river. The unified springs form the Pliva River, which flows into the Vrbas River in the town of Jajce making a magnificent waterfall with a height of 30 metres.

In this beautiful area, an angler will find clear water, rich in fish and a hunter has mountainous hunting grounds, which are full of game. Pliva will attract antiques lovers with remains of ancient settlements and a speleologist with not yet explored caves and a rugged, rocky canyon of its rivers Janja and Sokocnica. The attraction of this area is the diversity in all its forms. First of all, there are the water features of a river unique in Europe and one that is very rare to find. Pliva, a river of exceptional clarity, specific colors as well as rich resources, is a small paradise on earth for anglers in the fly fishing discipline.