River Janj and Janjske otoke

In the southern part of the Šipovo municipality, 13 km from the town centre, under the Janj karst plateau, between the villages Strojice and Babici, in the deep dark canyon, the river Janj emerges at an altitude of 612 m and flows toward Sipovo for a distance of 15 km. Spring of the Janj River is an ideal place for picnics and walks and the Janj canyon has a beautiful hiking trail. Access to the spring of the Janj River is only possible on foot from two directions, from the direction of Babici and from the road Sipovo-Kupres through the village Rasce.
At this point, the river Janj splits into multiple streams with a few waterfalls. Janjske otoke are located next to the main road Sipovo-Kupres, 4 kilometers downstream from the spring of the Janj River, at 550 meters above sea level.

Janjske otoke is a location with a diverse landscape where the Janj River creates a magical appearance of this place. Multiple cascades and waterfalls of the river leave an unforgettable impression. It is a karst valley of about 1 km long and about 300 m wide. It is a magnificent landscape of renaissance parks where lush greenery is intertwined with clear streams, bubbling and loud tufa cascades and small waterfalls of the Janj River. It is a natural wonder of the karst world, where Janj sedimented thick tufa deposits over which it splits into a large number of branches and streams only for all the water to join together again and form a high foaming waterfall that makes dew in the summer and sparkling hoar frost in the winter.