Šipovo fishing area

Šipovo fishing area has got salmonid fish species. Šipovo area encompasses the municipalities of Šipovo, Ribnik, Mrkonjić Grad and Jezero. Given the abundance of clean watercourses rich in quality fish species, Šipovo region has the potential to be distinctive by fishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and broader. The richness of grayling and brook trout guarantee unforgettable moments for lovers of fly fishing.

Rivers Pliva and Janj represent the Šipovo fishing area.

Rivers Ribnik and Sana represent the Ribnik fishing area.

The fishing areas of Mrkonjić Grad municipality are: River Ponor, River Medljanka, River Crna rijeka, River Vrbas from small Lake Bočac to the border with Banja Luka, Lake Balkana and small and large Lake Bočac.

The fishing areas in Jezero municipality are River Pliva, River Jošavka, River Perućica i Lake Đol.

Fishing techniques applied are: fly fishing, swimbait and float fishing