Rural tourism in Sipovo

In times of advanced technology, fast life with a lot of stress in everyday life, it is necessary to provide people a good holiday, a vacation that will, for a moment, separate them from their everyday obligations in urban environments with lots of noise and accumulated traffic and provide them with valuable silence in nature which we all strive for.

You can choose between accommodation in villages near the river Pliva, in Pljeva and Sokolac or in houses closer to the clear, fast Janj, in Janjske otoke and Mujdzici or you could opt for Olicko Lake, Cifluk, Lubovo…

There are many housewives that will engage lovers of good food and gourmets/chefs in the process of preparing pies, ljevuse, doughnuts and other specialties of the region. If you have an adventurous spirit or simply enjoy aromatic herbs, you can go on a search for a number of medicinal herbs, delicious berries or mushrooms.