Goli Koran
Goli Koran is in the immediate vicinity of Pale. Nice hiking and jogging tracks with supportingfacilities provide the perfect atmosphere for nature lovers. This is the right place for a picnic, rest, recreation and sports activities.

In the place where Mounts Ozren and Romanija meet, Crepoljsko is situated – a favourite resort of all lovers of untouched nature, walking along mountain trails and hunting. In the hunting lodge, which in no way disturbs the natural environment, you can recover, but also taste the specialities of local cuisine. In a word, a pleasure for all senses.

Here, nature has given people beautiful landscapes, rolling hills partly covered with spruce, fir, pine and beech, meadows and pastures, clean mountain air and a wealth of spring water. Forests of Trebevic are called the “lungs of the city” and the mountain in itself is ideal for rest and recreation.

Kadina voda
Legend says that in ancient times a beautiful girl called Kada fell ill with tuberculosis, but water from a spring at the foot of the slopes of Jahorina cured her. The place was named Kadina voda (Kada’s water) and became a favourite place of those who wanted the peace of the forest, pleasant smell of coniferous trees and the ripple of clear mountain water. Beautifully arranged and adapted for visitors in all occasions

Waterfall on Kaljina River
Before it joined a bit stronger Bioštica River, Kaljina performed a small miracle. In the rift, the power of waterfall was deepening and extending a natural pool, ten metres deep in some places, to create a strange beach. A grassy plateau stretches from waterfalls to Gradina, sheltered from the winds by wooded and rocky cliffs. An ideal place for hikers, sport and recreation.