Fishing area Eastern Sarajevo

Eastern Sarajevo fishing area has almost exclusively got salmonid fish species. The region includes the municipalities of Pale, Sokolac, Kalinovik, Han Pijesak and the City of Eastern Sarajevo area. Fishing in the area is done by fly and swimbait fishing.

In the area of City of Eastern Sarajevo and municipality of Pale, fishing takes place on small rivers of Prača, Paljnska and Mokranjska Miljacka, Željeznica, Bistrica and the Kasindol River.

Fishing area of Sokolac municipality includes the rivers Bioštica and Krivaja, while in Han Pijesak municipality fishing is done on the small River Pištica.

Kalinovik fishing area inclueds rivers Bistrica and Neretva, as well as Lake Kladpoljsko and Lake Crvanjsko.

Watercourses in the Eastern Sarajevo region are characterized by short streams without large amount of water, but which have deep canyons with lots of overflows, cascades and waterfalls, so these mountain rivers are a little paradise for lovers of sport fishing and adventure.