Cycling in Jahorina

Mounts Jahorina, Trebevic, Romanija, but also hills and plateaus in their surroundings, are typical representatives of mountainous terrain. Climbs with milder, but also extreme inclination, downhill slopes of the same or similar configuration, a plain area “here and there”, all these are intersected with tracks that are, more or less, arranged or disarranged, and are ideal landscapes to ride a mountain bike. It was also recognised by members of Jahorina Cycling Club and Mountaineering and Environmental Association ‘Romanija’, which also offer cycling in their programmes for those who are eager for challenge and adventure, which is easy to find on the mentioned tracks.

Professional guides and instructors will always be available and, in cooperation with them, you will be able to enjoy a more or less demanding tracks, rugged meadows, creeks, rivers, forests ..

There are more and more hotels in Jahorina and other hospitality facilities offering this kind of adrenaline sport and recreation.