Hiking across Jahorina, Romanija and Trebević

Someone might think that this kind of sport and recreation does not belong to extreme sports, but tracks in Romanija, Jahorina and Trebevic will show you that hiking in these mountains certainly is an extreme sport. The configuration of the terrain, which at times, transforms hiking into climbing requires a good physical preparation, but also a bit of courage. Your effort shall be rewarded with memorable experiences.

Unspoiled nature, springs of clear, cold and fresh mountain water are not met often and everywhere, so the area we suggest for this type of recreation is a real gem. Dozens of kilometres of visibly and properly marked tracks are a real lure for fans of nature and your adrenalin will be boosted by visiting some of the many caves in the area of the mentioned mountains. Your hosts and your guides will suggest a holiday (and a good fan) in one of the mountain huts and, with a glass of local drink and bite of food prepared in traditional manner, with a night in absolute peace and quiet of the mountain, the atmosphere will be complete.

The real way and opportunity to recharge your batteries in full!