Romanija caves

Orlovača Cave is one of the most beautiful jewels having been sculpted and created by the hand of God for millions of years. Its jewellery is unique and unrepeatable. The cave is indescribable, hidden beauty, where stalagmites, stalactites and helictites alternate with fragments of corals, aragonites and unique cave pillars, reminiscent of the ancient and Renaissance castles and monuments of different colours. The cave is embellished with most delicate draperies of various forms and shapes. The landscape is enriched by beautiful calcite crystals like stoned waterfalls, giving the cave a perfect ambient design in a colourful way. Orlovača Cave is an outstanding speleological formation, the habitat of cave bear (ursus speleus) more than 16,000 years ago. The cave is the habitat of the most endangered group of mammals in Europe – the bat (micros hipoptrea).

Novakova Cave is in steep cliffs of Mt. Romanija, and is famous for its outlaw Starina Novak (a Serb hajduk – a rebel and fighter for freedom – who distinguished himself in many battles against the Ottoman Empire).

Ledenjača Cave (Serbian led – ice) is located at the spring of the Mokranjska Miljacka River. Ice in the cave often remains during the summer, so that you can feel cold during the hottest summertime like in the middle of winter.

Lipovac Cave, in the Miljacka riverbed, still rather unexplored, but even as such it is interesting for visitors, especially those who like taking attractive photos.