Ski center “Ravna planina”

Ski center “Ravna planina” is located about two kilometers from Pale and is one of the most modern ski centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as an oasis of peace and natural beauty during the summer.

This ski resort started operating in the winter of 2014/15. year, when it is open to all visitors. At the beginning, there was only one ski lift with a capacity of 800 skiers per hour and a main trail of 1,400 meters with an artificial snow system.

Today, this ski center offers a total of 12.5 kilometers of trails arranged according to the highest ski standards, while the main trail is homologated and meets all world standards for holding FIS races.

In addition to the ski lift, since 2017, the gondola has been in operation, which at that time was the first and only gondola in BiH. This cable car starts from the foot of Ravna planina, from the restaurant “Gondola” and goes to the top of the mountain, near artificial lakes whose water is used during the winter for the artificial snow system.

The gondola on Ravna planina has 19 cabins, where each of them transports 10 skiers and amounts to 2,200 skiers per hour. At the gondola exit station on Ravna planina, there is an accumulation lake and a restaurant complex, where many visitors can enjoy boating and pedal boats during the summer, as well as swimming in the hottest days of August.

Above that lake is another accumulation lake, in which fish used for sport fishing are raised. There is something for everyone on Ravna planina, so the owners of the company “Minex”, which built this ski resort and resort, have provided several places for barbecue, benches, “zip-line”, express restaurant, hiking trails through the coniferous forest towards Saračevo fields, newly discovered caves, and there is also the possibility of renting bicycles and four-wheelers.

During the winter, skiers and boarders can enjoy excellent skiing both day and night, at very affordable ski prices in this part of the region. During the day, they have 12.5 kilometers of trails at their disposal, which lead from the top of the mountain through the forest and are intended for all ages, especially beginners, while during the night skiers can use the main trail, which is illuminated.

For skiing on Ravna planina, it is enough to have only low temperatures, when the system of artificial snow is started with more than 10 cannons, which make enough snow for undisturbed skiing from November to March.

In addition to good tourist, winter and summer offer, Ski Center “Ravna planina” offers a large selection of local and international cuisine, where gastronomy lovers can enjoy a variety of savory and sweet dishes. Special moments on Ravna planina are remembered during the celebrations of the International New Year and the Orthodox New Year, as well as the Christmas holidays.

Almost every night, regardless of the mentioned holidays, visitors and tourists can enjoy the restaurant with live music through various repertoires. This ski center, located about 20 kilometers from Sarajevo and 14 kilometers from Jahorina, has hosted numerous tourists, athletes, sports workers and people from the business and political life of almost all of Europe during all these years.

Ski center “Ravna planina” is one of our most important tourist locations that we gladly present to our visitors, tourists from different parts of Europe and especially our dear visitors from the countries of former Yugoslavia, who gladly remember, primarily good skiing in these parts, for which we are known. , but also fresh and pleasant summers in Romania, Ravna planina, Jahorina and Trebević.

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