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Foča municipality area boasts high mountain ranges that belong to Dinaric Alps: Maglić, Zelengora, Vučevo, Volujak, Bioč and Ljubišnja. These mountains are a real challenge for hikers, mountaineers, trekkers and all fans of nature.

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina of 16,052 hectares in area. It wasestablished in 1962 and is a member of EUROPARC Federation. Owing to extraordinary natural resources and its good condition, Sutjeska National Park was granted 2nd IUCN category (Dept. of Nature and Natural Resources Protection) in 2000.

Foča area has 17 rivers and streams, which attract numerous visitors with their canyons, cleanliness and speed of waters – picnickers and rafters, canoeists, kayakers, fly fisherman, hikers and other fans of nature.

Seven glacier lakes which, owing to their outstanding beauty and glacial origin, were named ‘eyes of he mountain’ adore one of the most beautiful mountains in the Dinaric range – Zelengora. The lakes are: Orlovačko, Štirinsko, Kotlaničko, Donje and Gornje bare, Crno and Bijelo lakes. Borilovačko Lake is the only artificial lake in Mount Zelengora.