Tara River

Tara River is 149 km  long, with its spring below a mountain range in the north of Montenegro. At Šćešpan polje Tara joins Pliva River to form Drina River. Tara River is unique as it is characterised by steep banks and forests growing from water level up to hardly accessible heights and cliffs.
The word Tara has a double origin. Based on one interpretation, the name is old Indian i.e. Sanskrit and means speed and impetuousness or a fast-flowing river, while the other meaning of the word is the name of an Ilyrian tribe which lived on river banks and whose name was Autariatae.

For centuries Tara River was deepening limestone thus making the deepest and most beautiful canyon in Europe. The deepest point in the canyon is 1300 m, total length is 82 km, with over 50 fantastic cascades. Tara River flows through Republic of Srpska for 20 kms of its total length. Its beauty is complemented by foaming cascades and green-blue-turquoise colour. Tara River canyon attracts numerous fans of nature and those who yearn for adventure. The river is the largest drinkable water reservoir in Europe – the water is drinkable in its entire course.
Rafting clubs provide an unforgettable descend for fans of adventure, together with accommodation in camps on the very bank. The charm and beauty of the canyon can only be completely discovered by raft. Rafting gives the dimension of intimate closeness with the wonderful nature. Each new kilometre, sometimes a metre in the rafting track is another nuance, another sight and another challenge.