Mountain Maglić

The mountain is about 20 km southwest of Foča on the border of BH and Montenegro. Maglić is with its 2 386 m the highest peak in BH. It is surrounded on the north by Vučevo, on the west by Sutjeska, on the east by Piva and Mratinje, and on the south by Bioč.Due to its steep hills this mountain has always been a challenge for professional mountaineers, athletes and adventurers. It is covered with beech and coniferous forests, and the foot of the mountain and all the slopes are rich in water, of which the most important is Carav do, which never dries (to 2000 m, which is rare at these heights). At the very top of Maglić there is a border between RS-BH and Montenegro, where Trnovačko Lake is located, the most beautiful glacier lake in this area. The most favorite place for gathering mountaineers is on the lake, especially on the days of the Vidovdan uphill on Maglić.