Foča fishing area

Foča region is one of the most important fishing regions and is characterized by a very rich and varied fish stocks of salmonid and cyprinid fish species, as well as rapid streams with crystal clear water, a great pleasure for every fisherman and nature lover. The area encompasses the municipalities of Foča, Višegrad, Rudo, Rogatica, Novo Goražde and Čajniče.

In Foča area, fishing takes place on rivers Drina, Tara, Piva, Ćehotina, Sutjeska and  Bistrica.

Fishing in Višegrad municipality takes place in rivers Drina and Rzav, as well as Lake Višegrad i Lake Perućac.

In Rogatica area, fishing takes place on rivers Rakitnica, Žepa and Prača, as well as at a part of Lake Višegrad.

In Novo Goražde municipality, fishing takes place on rivers Drina, Prača and Janjina, while fishing area of Rudo municipality is River Lim.