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Манастир Крупа на Врбасу

Ancient monastery Krupa is located approximately twenty-five kilometers south of Banja Luka on the road to Jajce in an inspiringly beautiful natural setting of Krupa na Vrbasu. The oldest monastery of the Diocese of Banja Luka, since the 13th
century it was the spiritual centre of the western Serbian regions, and today,after centuries of desolation, it is again resurrected and is slowly growing into the epicenter  of spiritual renewal after decades of atheist destruction of the spiritual being of the Serbian people in Banja Luka and Krajina. The ancient church of St. Elijah, fused with its natural environment
on a hill above Krupa, is an inseparable blend of the natural and the spiritual.
The church of the monastery is monumental – it is about 24m long and about 12 meters wide, and the monastery is registered as a cultural monument. In its vicinity there is a wooden church, larger than similar churches, and it is very old – it originates from the first half of the 18th century. The church also has one rarity – a gospel printed in Moscow in 1778.