Visegrad Spa

Visegrad Spa is located 5 km north of Visegrad. It is located in a pine forest at an altitude of 414 m. Because of its altitude and natural environment, it has the characteristics of an aerial spa.

Thermal water of the Visegrad spa has the features of a radioactive carbonate homeotermic water, at a temperature of 34ºC. Its main medical properties stem from its radioactivity, whose head is radon and its decay products. Based on radioactivity, the Visegrad spa is in first place in Bosnia and Herzegovina and second best in former Yugoslavia. The level of radiation is optimal for therapy, with no possibility of cumulation and any possible side effects. Radon relieves pain, increases general immunity, has a beneficial effect on the endocrine glands, respiratory and allergic diseases.

Visegrad spa water is used in prevention and treatment of all age groups.
The water is used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, neurological conditions, orthopedic diseases and deformities, gynecological diseases, respiratory diseases and geriatric diseases.