Special hunting ground Kamenica

Forest estate (FE) Visegrad is the habitat of the chamois, which is an indigenous species here. The total hunting area is 3,842 ha.
The hunting ground is rich in drinking water that occurs throughout the year in the form of active springs, smaller rivers-streams and creeks. The highest peak in the hunting ground is Veliki Stolac 1,675 m, while the lowest point in the hunting ground is at the level of the lake in the canyon of the Drina River and it is 291 m.
This area is also the natural habitat of the Balkan relic and endemic species Serbian spruce (Picea spruce) which embellishes a large part of this hunting ground.
The special hunting ground “Kamenica” is inhabited by different indigenous species of wildlife, some of which are very rare or endangered in other European habitats.
The basic species that are intensively managed in the hunting ground are: chamois, deer, bear, wolf, wild boar, rabbit, grouse and fox.
The forest estate ‘Panos’ and Special hunting ground “Kamenica” offer all their services to domestic and foreign hunters, tourists and guests; hospitality and enjoyment in the exceptional natural beauty the Special hunting ground “Kamenica” offers: 2 closed stands, 11 open-high stands, and off-road vehicle and a boat.
FE Panos, Visegrad
Phone: +387 (0)58 620 355