Andricgrad is a tourist, cultural, administrative and educational complex situated on a peninsula between the rivers Drina and Rzav, at some 300 meters from the Visegrad bridge.

Andricgrad has emerged as an idea of professor Emir Kusturica, the famous director, about a stone medieval town and characters inspired by the works of the Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andric. That is actually a vision of how Visegrad could have looked if it had not gone through Renaissance and other historical periods. In architectural terms, the town itself is a mix of different eras and styles that alternated throughout the history of this area: the Byzantine style, the Ottoman period, the Renaissance and classicism. During a walk through the main street, visitors can go back into the past: “it practically connects two periods – the Renaissance fragments with the Ottoman period and Byzantium”.

Professor Emir Kusturica: “At the entrance, a caravanserai meets the Byzantine Palace, and behind it will be what Austria could have built, but did not, as well as what the Ottoman Empire did not built what was supposed to. Finally, towards the main square, which is a kind of classicism, which was supposed to be built during the kingdom between the two World Wars, a street, which could have been made by Austria, with Renaissance parts will be developed.”

Andricgrad contains:

– The Andric Institute in which four departments operate: history, literature, Oriental studies and film.

– The Doli Bel Multiplex

Andricgrad lodging

The following offer will enrich your stay in Andricgrad:

„Zlatna moruna” Restaurant  Gallery (Here about 200 works of the most famous painters of the Republic of Srpska, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia can be found. A small temple of works of art is also decorated by paintings of the most famous painters…); Souvenir shop AndricgradJewelry KnezevicCevabdzinica „Kasaba“;Bookshop „Ili-ili“Pizzeria „Parma“; Pastry shop „Secesija“Cafe „Goya“Pub „Kod Svejka“„Wine & Brandy VASA LADAČKI“...

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