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“Where the mountains, which form a narrow and deep canyon of the Drina River, separate into a spacious valley, stands the 500-year-old stone bridge with 11 arches of a wide span, known to everyone as “The Bridge on Drina”. This magnificent bridge on Drina has labeled the town of Visegrad and all was immortalised by Ivo Andric, the Nobel Prize winner, in his famous novel. Thus, Visegrad, thanks to the bridge and Andric, became a famous and a well-known tourist spot and is also considered one of the oldest in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is located in the far east of the country in the valley of the Drina River through which many roads passed in the times past.  Visegrad was first mentioned in the late 14th century and early 15th century as a settlement on a hill, “a City”-fortress that controlled the caravan route between Dubrovnik and Serbia and the route to Constantinople. At that time, it belonged to the powerful feudal family Pavlovic, under whose rule was the medieval town of Dobrun as well. The old days are reminded of by the Dobrun monastery, situated in the picturesque mountainous region on the route Visegrad – Uzice, found about 12 km from Visegrad in the gorge of the river Rzav.

The greatest natural treasure of Visegrad is the Drina River. You will best get to know it if you decide to take some of the tourist boats tours from Visegrad. You will enjoy the beautiful nature and voyage through the second largest canyon in Europe. Nature lovers, accompanied by mountaineers, can visit slopes of mountains Tara and Zvijezda, but also the picnic area in the Visegrad spa.