Trebinje, the city of sun, wine and plane trees, is located in the far south of Herzegovina, on the banks of the River Trebišnjica below Mount Leotar. It is located in the triangle of World Heritage sites – Dubrovnik (28 km), Kotor (90 km) and Mostar (120 km). The peculiarity of Trebinje lies in the favourable Mediterranean climate and 260 sunny days a year.

The town centre is in Mediterranean style. It is dominated by the old Austrian edifices and giant plane trees, whose shade cools down numerous tourists. Here in the heart of the town, in Dučićeva street, there is a monument to the famous Trebinje poet and ambassador, Jovan Dučić, a Catholic cathedral from the 19th century, the first monument to Njegoš and a picturesque market square with a monument from World War II. Nearby is a beautiful park with an Orthodox church of monumental appearance, the Cultural Centre, a World War II monument, fountains etc.

On Crkvina hill, above the city, there is a shining jewel of tourist offer, the magnificent edifice of the Church of Herzegovinian Gračanica complex. Visit and enjoy the beauty of the southernmost town in Republic of Srpska!