The Orthodox Church of St. Basil of Tvrdoš and Ostrog

Village Mrkonjići is located on the eastern side of the Popovo field, halfway between and Ljubinje. In this village, on 28 December 1610, the Holy Father Basil was born. He was baptised under the name of Stojan, of mother Anastasia and father Petar Jovanović. On the Saint Basil of Tvrdoš and Ostrog, the Wonder-Maker, on 12 May 1998,  the church dedicated to St. Basil was consecrated in the village Mrkonjić, in Popovo field. The church was built on the foundations of the birth house of this sacred man of God and is located on the right side of the road, coming from the direction of Trebinje. The Church of Saint Nicholas, where the Saint Basil was baptised, is on the left side of the road. Next to the church is a cemetery, the resting place of Saint Anne, the mother of St. Basil.