Trebinje fishing area

Trebinje fishing area has got cyprinid and salmonid fish species. The area encompasses the municipalities of Trebinje, Bileća, Gacko and Nevesinje. Fishing techniques in Trebinje fishing area are fly fishing, swimbait, float fishing and bottom fishing. In Bileća municipality fishing is done by trolling and churning.

In the municipality of Trebinje, fishing takes place in the area of River Trebišnjica, the River Sušice and Lake Lastva. Trebinje watercourses, rivers and lakes, attract fishermen due to abundance of fish.

Bileća fishing area consists of River Vrijeka and Lake Bileća.

Fishing in gacko municipality takes place on the rivers Mušnica, Gračanica, Sutjeska, Neretva, Djeropa, Desivoje and Vrba as well as at Lake Klinje.

Fishing in Nevesinje municipality takes place at Lake Alagovac and Batuša Swamp.

Trebinje fishing area is caracteristic by a rare fish species, the fish called Gaovica
(Telestes metohiensis). There are 6 species that fish in the whole world, three of which are from Eastern Herzegovina. It is Gacko Gaovica, Popovo field Gaovica and Trebinje Gaovica.