Trebinje bridges

Arslanagića Bridge
One of the best examples of the Ottoman architecture, Arslanagića Bridge stands out by the beauty of its lines, and an imaginative and picturesque form. It was built in 1574 as an endowment of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolović and served as a trading link between Novi (Herceg Novi in Montenegro) and Ragusa (Dubrovnik in Croatia). In the late sixteenth century, it was named Arslanagića Bridge after Arslan Agha, who escaped from Novi after it was conquered by the Venetians.

He established a centre for collecting toll in the immediate vicinity of the bridge. The bridge had had a great importance until the road to Dubrovnik was built.
The bridge was inundated in 1965, during the construction of a hydro power plant. Nex year, the water level is lowered to remove the bridge. The bridge was rebuilt in the very centre of Trebinje in 1972. The bridge thus became a significant cultural and historical monument of Trebinje.

Roman bridge in Vučija

This bridge is a great mystery, like all old bridges whose construction is attributed to the Turks or Austrians, or even Romans. The Roman bridge in Vučija is the most interesting and seems as the oldest one as well. It was probably built in parallel to the Lastva towers. Old Bridge on the River Sušica in village Vučija is located between two large rocks and connects two steep sections under the river. The bridge used to be called Old Bridge, Greek bridge, the bridge on Sušica, and the locals outside village Vučije call it Vučijanski bridge. It is built of hewn stone, and the upper arches of tufa. The tufa arches were connected with semicircular vaults, creating a favourable impression and fitting into the natural surroundings. In the Roman period, a road from Dubrovnik to Montenegro passed through the area. The bridge is considered to have been built in the 13th century. There is a legend saying that, during the Queen Kuljača, the identical bridge was on the Zaslapnica stream, 200 m downstream of the Old Bridge, which was carried away by the rising water.

Stone Bridge

An impressive structure of a majestic beauty which joins Trebišnjica banks. It was built in 1953.