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Nevesinje municipality is located in the south-east of Republic of Srpska, in east Herzegovina, 35 km from Mostar and 110 km from Sarajevo. Its distance from the Adriatic Sea and Ploče harbour is 110 km.

The municipality makes a part of the High Herzegovina, known as “air spa”, with the average height of 860 m above sea. This is the spot where continental and Mediterranean climate meet, creating pleasant atmosphere in summer, and a unique experience of snow idyll in winter. Inhabitants of the other places go to Nevesinje during the summer heat, where they find tranquillity, strength and refreshment. Even the greatest Herzegovina poet Aleksa Šantić had a summer cottage in the village of Bojišta, 2.5 km to the north from the town, where he wrote many of his poems, such as “Oh, My Ears” and “Remain Here”.

There are also historic documents showing that, in the old times, the Austrian military command sent its exhausted officers and soldiers to Nevesinje military base for a holiday, rehabilitation and improvement of blood count.