The Church of the Holy Trinity in Kifino Selo

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Kifino Selo is the oldest medieval church in Nevesinje, and is assumed to be an endowment of the Nemanjić Dynasty. It was renovated in 1810 and consecrated on Pentecost, 14 May 1816, by the Metropolitan Joseph.
The legend says that the locals made a plea to Bosnian Vizier in Travnik and got the permission to build the temple.
However, they could not agree which saint the church should be dedicated to. They argued between St. Nicholas, St. John and St. Simeon (a Serbian saint). To settle the quarrel, the Bishop chose the Pentecost as the church’s wake.
In 1875 The Turks broke into the church, destroyed the interior and took away the valuable items. Later on, in 1878, the church was consecrated for the second time and, after the reconstruction of its interior in 1881, for the third time as well,  by the Metropolitan Ignatius. Not until 1851 had the Turks allow the bell to be put up, after which a 60-kilo bell was purchased and installed on an improvised wooden bell tower until 1890, after which the present-day bell tower was built by mason Špiro Govedarica from Bratače, and the bells were put up in the bell tower, from which the Austo-Hungarians took off and commandeered two bells.