Mrkonjić Grad through history

The settlement Mrkonjić Grad was created in the current site in 1593, when kizlar-agha Djukanovic (popularly known as Krzlar-agha) built his endowment, who was born in nearby Kotline. He was taken away as “tribute in blood”.

The town changed its name to Mrkonjic Grad in 1925, in memory of the Serbian ruler Petar I Karadjordjevic, who, as Petar Mrkonjic, participated in the Bosnian uprising in 1875.

After the Austro-Hungarian occupation in 1878, the town began to develop intensively. Educational and administrative life was more modernly organised, copper excavation  began in Sinjakovo, roads were built and so on. This period is characterised by well-developed blacksmithing and trade.

During World War II, the Partisan units liberated Mrkonjic Grad 39 times, which is unique in the whole of former Yugoslavia.