River Žepa and Stone bridge on the River Žepa

The River Žepa is located 35 km from Rogatica in a picturesque valley surrounded by high mountains on all sides. Its eastern part is located on the beautiful shore of Lake Drina, which allows a special water connection with the neighbouring towns. Boats sail from Višegrad to Bajina Bašta through the Drina Canyon, where the blue, tamed river flows. The river is particularly attractive to hunters and fishermen due to its tourist sites such as: The Andrić’s Bridge (‘The Bridge on the River Žepa’), the medieval town of Vratar, Žepa River spring, stećak tombstone necropolis… Žepa complements the tourist offer of Rogatica.

The famous stone bridge on the River Žepa, whose beauty was described by the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, is located 35 km north-east from Rogatica. The building of the bridge is connected with the building of the famous Mehmed-Pasha Sokolović’s Bridge in Višegrad (in the 16th century). This bridge, on the river of the same name, was originally built near the confluence of the Zepa with the Drina, in a narrow gorge. It is assumed to have been built by a student of famous Sinan the Architect, the builder of the Višegrad Bridge.

The construction of HPP Bajina Bašta endangered the bridge, so it was dismantled and reconstructed at another location, a few kilometres upstream. In early 2005, it was proclaimed as a national monument. At the new location, the bridge lost none of its authenticity; it was preserved in its original condition and beauty.