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Municipality Gradiška  is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Srpska, and it covers Lijevce polje and Potkozarje. The most important tourist areas of Gradiska are Kozara, Prosara and Potkozarje, then the Posavina area with the town area, Donja dolina, the Sava River and Lijevce polje with its numerous picnic areas, ponds and streams. In addition to the Sava River, the municipality is rich in mountain rivers, largest of which are Vrbaska, Jablanica, Jurkovica and Lubina. Also important tourist sites of Gradiska are archaeological sites of Vrbaski grad and Manastiriste and also Jurkovicka cave. Today, in Gradiska, there is one of the major international border crossings in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina connecting it with the Republic of Croatia for passenger and cargo traffic.