Archeological site “Manastirište”

Manastirište is located in Gornji Kijevci, 20 km from Gradiska in the middle of a lowland complex of fields called Karanovac. In that spot are the remains of architecture from the Roman period to the Middle Ages, in the valley of the Lubina river, on its right bank. The river encircles the site on the west and north sides.

Directly next to the site, on its west side, there is a very strong spring of drinking water, which local people also call Karanovac. To the east there is a creek called Berek, which encircled the early-Slavic Gradiska settlement Varosanka. Stone fragments that were found on the site are very interesting, they were written in Glagolitic script from the ninth century and the Cyrillic inscription from the thirteenth century. All this confirms the diversity of civilizations present at the site and its wider area.