Kozara National Park

Kozara National Park, sized 3,494.51 ha, was established in 1967 with the aim of protecting Kozara mountain and its cultural, historical and natural values.Central part of the National Park and Kozara mountain is the area of Mrakovica, with its flat plateaus at an altitude from 700 to 800 m. In the area of Mrakovica a memorial has been built in honour of soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. Kozara mountain represents a perfect destination for nature lovers and in its own way it is an air spa suitable for many different sports. Mrakovica, a cultural and historical complex and a memorial zone, is one of the most favourite picnic places in this part of Republic of Srpska.

Kozara National park with its beautiful protected landscapes (IUCN criteria) enrichesexperience of every visitor. The National Park Kozara is a member of
Federation of National Parks of Europe – EUROPARC and as such is one of the most precious areas of tourism offer in Republic of Srpska. Strong influences
of Mediterranean and Pannonian climates, and in the highest parts of Kozara also alpine climate define this place as very attractive for all types of tourism.
Favourable altitude is perfect for keeping good physical and health condition, which contributes to gaining a positive emotional experience. In one-day walks through mountain trails one can feel all attractions that nature awarded this area with.
A special attention is given to hunting tourism development due to the Kozara Hunting Ground.


The magic of winter and winter sports can be enjoyed by both professional sportists and amateurs.

Numerous monasteries, log churches and other attractive locations nearby Kozara are good reasons for visiting.

The traditional literary event Literary Meetings in Kozara has been held every year in September.

Award, named by the deceased poet – Skender Kulenovic, has been awarded to the best literary authors.

This is the main cultural event that enriches the cultural life of the National Park.

In the Kozara National Park a lot of events, such as International Day of Mountain Nature Protection and The Day of the Kozara National Park have been organized.
Kozara National Park also hosts the following events: Labour Day (1st May), Victory Day (9th May),   Veterans’ Day (4th July), etc.


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