Gradiška fishing area

The Gradiška fishing area includes the municipalities of Gradiška, Laktaši, Srbac, Kozarska Dubica and Kostajnica, and is abundant in cypirinid fish species.  The main watercourses are the River Sava as well as lower parts of the rivers Una and Vrbas, which make the fishing area of the region together with their small tributaries. There are lots of fish paths on the River Sava, which are venues of numerous fishing competitions.

In the municipality of Laktaši, fishing takes place on the rivers Vrbas and Turjanica as well as in a part of the former Vrbas River flow, commonly known as Starača.

Fishing in Kozarska Dubica municipality takes place in the lake complex of Lipova Greda as well as on the rivers Una and Sava. The whole River Una is rich in fish the most frequent species being: carp, catfish, rudd, perch and barbel. It is to note that the River Una is one of the largest rudd fish hatcheries in the world.