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In the territory of Srbac municipality, which is very rich in remarkable natural resources and beauties, the tourism development is mainly based on the natural motives. It is obvious, if you bear in mind, that the nature has been extremely benevolent to the man here and gave him fertile flat grounds, wooded hills, lots of water.

Regarding the natural values, Bardača and Motajica are the areas that make Srbac municipality interesting to both local and international tourists.

The localities around Kobaš and in Motajica are antropogenic tourist motives to be emphasised, but they have been neither thoroughly explored nor tourist exploited.

A gastronomic speciality, particular for this area, is a famous “Drunk carp” of Bardača, which is prepared in the traditional style, following the recipe as old as the fishing tradition in this area. Apart from this specialty, that is cooked in wine and homemade “kajmak” (a sort of sour cream, transl. note), Bardača is well known for the other fish dishes, particularly fish broth, carp on “šiš”, pike-perch in “kajmak”, sheat-fish fried in breadcrumbs, and other delicacies.

Regarding the religious holidays and folk traditions, the customs are related to the traditional Orthodox church holidays in the territory of Srbac municipality. In rural areas, some traditions are practised nowadays at the greatest religious holidays – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – Yule log decoration, “pijukanje” (cheeping, transl. note), “uranak” (Christmas service at dawn, transl. note), Easter and St George’s festivals, etc).

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