Mount Motajica

Numerous visitors, especially hunters, hikers, mushroom hunters and nature lovers, are also attracted to Mount Motajica, on whose peak Gradina (652 m) is one of the most popular excursion places in Srbac. This is one of the last oasis in which to maintain wetland ornythofauna, natural reserve of incalculable value, not only for the local area, but also for the whole of Europe. Motajica oak forests, its hillsides and slopes are the habitat of numerous species of indigenous wildlife of the region: wild boar, roe deer, rabbit, fox and others.

In addition to the opportunities for development of hunting tourism, Motajica also provide opportunities for tourism, hiking, picking mushrooms and herbs and relaxation,  as well as walking and other forms of recreation. Given that the entire area of the municipality of Srbac, and therefore the area of Mt. Motajica, is a well-preserved environment, rural areas around the mountain Motajica, especially in its upper part (the village Lepenica), are developing rural and eco-tourism by offering healthy food, local gastronomic delights and fresh air.