The City of Prijedor, located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The geographical position of the city and the fact that it is located on the banks of the beauty of Krajina, the Sana River, and at the foot of the gentle and wooded Kozara Mountain, creates opportunities for developing different types of tourism. The Kozara Mountain with the “Kozara” National Park represents an attractive destination for local and foreign visitors and is one of the most popular picnic sites in this part of the Republic of Srpska.
In addition to natural, Prijedor is rich in cultural values that hold a significant place in the development of tourism in this city which holds numerous events throughout the year that attract a large number of visitors.
Hiking, climbing, cycling, hunting, fishing, swimming, camping and enjoying unspoiled nature and cultural values, is only part of what Prijedor offers its visitors