Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Kozara

In the people it is known as “Mehmedova crkva” (“Mehmed’s Church”) – the Great Fire in Prijedor, in June 1882, destroyed nearly 190 residential buildings in the city. The Prijedor municipality decided to make a big sawmill in the area above Kozarac. The task was entrusted to a certain Austrian Karl Smucer who, in a very short time, during 1883, built a big sawmill with accompanying facilities, as the first industrial facility in the municipality of Prijedor. Legend says that because of the redemption of his daughter Mary’s sins, he built a small church of the Blessed Virgin Mary helper of Christians above the sawmill, known in the people as “Mehmedova crkva”. In 2011, above the old sawmill, the small Smucer’s (Mehmed’s) church was restored, and the spot, known in the people as “Pilaniste” became a favorite spot for hikers and picnickers.