Special hunting ground Kozara

The Kozara National Park manages the special hunting ground “Kozara”.
The hunting area is 16,728 ha (of which the hunting area is 15.781ha and non-hunting is 947ha) and it is of a hilly type. The hunting ground is divided into three districts. Two districts are primarily for breeding and protection of big game. In these districts, it is only possible to photo the animals, so we recommend you PREPARE YOUR LENSES!!!
In the third district, systematically shooting of game is done in accordance with the Annual management plan.
A large number of various species of game permanently live in a special hunting ground and they are: deer, rabbit, wild boar, fox, marten, badger, wild cat, dormouse and others. The most common game birds are pheasant, partridge, pigeon, hawk, falcon and so on.
Altitude of the hunting ground is from 192m to 987m, and the structure of the hunting area is: forest and thickets 15643 ha; meadows and pastures 437 ha; bare land and karst 263 ha; 75 hectares of arable land; gardens, orchards and vineyards, 10 ha; other aquatic areas of 100 ha and other areas 200 ha.
The hunting ground has 25 feeding stations for furry game, 199 salt dispensers, 3 closed stands, 1 hunting cabin, 20 other forms of stands and also there are 2 hunting trails.
Kozara National Park
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