Kljinje lake

Klinje is the oldest artificial reservoir lake in the Republic of Srpska and BiH, with the first arch dam in the Balkans built on it. It was named after toponym Klina (Serbian klin – wedge), the place where the reservoir is ‘wedged’ into the surroundings. The reservoir was filled in the period 1891 -1896 after the construction of a stone arch dam, which was designed and built under the instructions of the French engineer named Krantz. The dam is 26 m high, its height is 4.6 m and 16.7 m on the upper width and footing respectively, its length is 104.5 meters and contains 9504 m³ of material. The ash from Mount Vesuvius in Italy served as a binding material. The dam was built for Gacko field irrigation. The arch dam is a cultural and historical monument and is protected by the state.

The lake, just a few kilometres from the main road to the seaside, is a real attraction. Once a favourite resort for many actors, artists and poets, Klinje Lake is a gem in this part of Herzegovina. Its emerald green and clear water often attract tourists driving to the seaside during the summer, so they can remain for several days over the oldest dams in the Balkans.