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Its geographical position and altitude of 688 meters classify Vlasenica as a mountainous town.

Vlasenica is one of the oldest settlements in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina because its name, Birac, is mentioned as early as the thirteenth century. The municipality of Vlasenica is located in the central Drina valley, in the place where the climb starts towards the slopes of the Javor Mountain and continues further toward Romanija. Evidence of its early settlements are necropolises of tombstones, remains of forts and temples and old medieval towns such as Veledin, Komic town – Jerina’s town, Perin town by canyons of rivers Drinjaca and Lukavica, and now they are accessible to visitors through hiking trails.

Characteristic for this area are tall and thick forests, which, along with other beauties and treasures, give a special charm to Vlasenica, and it is presumed that the town got its current name after rough meadow-grass, which is widespread in the area. Javor Mountain is a aerial spa with its picturesque panoramas offering a view for kilometres where the site Javor field was adapted to skiers beginners and children within the Ski Centre Igrista.