Vlasenica through history

It is known in all sources that surroundings of Vlasenica was continuously inhabited from prehistoric times until today, which is, along with other things, evidenced by the necropolis with mounds at the site Sosari, numerous other burial sited (71) tombstones (1595-65 decorated in relief and one with an inscription), remains of settlements, old towns and medieval roads.

Vlasenica is one of the oldest settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina because its name, Birac, is mentioned as early as the thirteenth century. Historically, the area of Birac is already known, a proof of its early settlements are the remains of many settlements, forts, temples, monuments, necropolises, and tombstones of old medieval towns such as Veledin, Komic town – Jerina’s town, Perin town. The said sites, with canyons of rivers Drinjaca and Lukavica, waterfalls Skakavac, Vrelo and Sedrica, are connected and accessible throughout the year, thanks to the Vlasenica Mountaineering and ecological society “ACER” whose members marked about 150 km of hiking trails in the municipality of Vlasenica.