Zvornik fishing area

Zvornih fishing area includes the urban area of Zvornik and municipalities of Vlasenica, Bratunac, Šekovići, Milići and Srebrenica, and is characterised by abundance of cyprinid and salmonid fish species.  Fishing techniques applied in Zvornik fishing area are fly fishing, swimbait, float fishing and bottom fishing.

In Zvornik area, fishing takes place on rivers Drina, Drinjača, Lake Zvornik and Tršćanska swamp.

Vlasenica fishing area includes rivers Drinjača, Tišća, Jadar, Grabovica and Cikotska, while in Šekovići area fishing takes place on River Drinjača.

Bratunac fishing area inclueds rivers Drina i Drinjača, as well as Lake Zvornik.

In Milići municipality, fishing takes place only on River Jadar, while in Srebrenica area fishing is possible on rivers Drina and Jadar, as well as at Lake Perućac.

Zvornik region is characterized by very rich fish stocks in the rivers and lakes, as well as a large number of different fish species and watercourses which guarantee a successful catch and capital pieces especially on River Drina, Lake Zvornik and Lake Perućac.