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Municipality of Prnjavor is located in the River Ukrina catchment, between Mount Motajica in the north and Mount Ljubic in the south.

The municipality offers the following: Well-known Banja Kulaši, Lipizzan horse farm “Vučijak”, the Wooden Church, Stuplje Monastery, Church of St. Anthony of Padua, the Ukrainian Church and, also important to mention, hunting and fishing sites and River Ukrina.

A very interesting fact about the municipality Prnjavor is its nickname “Little Europe”. Namely in the late 19th century, the area of Prnjavor was inhabited by people from Eastern and Western Europe. According to some data, 20 different ethnic groups existed in the area of former district Prnjavor, so Prnjavor was for the good reason nicknamed “Little Europe”.

Accordingly, in the municipality of Prnjavor a series of cultural events is held: the festival of national minorities “Little Europe”, International Folklore Festival in Šibovska, a masquerade in the Czech village of Maćino brdo, a masquerade in the Italian village of Štivor, the Ukrainian ball and the annual concert of the Ukrainian Folklore Ensemble “Chervona Kalena”.