Kulaši Spa

Kulaši Spa is on the 14th kilometre of the Prnjavor – Teslić road. The spa of 12 hectares in area is located at the foot of the beautiful Mount Ljubic, in the gentle valley of River Ukrina, near the Doboj – Banja Luka railway. The spa carries the name of the nearby village, in an area characterized by a temperate continental climate.

In our region, the healing properties of water were first used by the Romans, who especially appreciated hot sulphuric water, as well as other hot springs. For the nobility, as well as ill and wounded soldiers, impressive buildings with therapeutic facilities were built – swimming pools and hot tubs decorated with beautiful mosaics and fountains. The fact that the Romans used thermal waters throughout the year, laying floor pipes for hot, heating water shows how the cult of using thermal waters was highly developed at the time.