Prnjavor through history

There are no detailed research on settling the Prnjavor area. Most studies were carried out on sites discovered by accident during the excavation work.

The archaeological remains on them suggest that the area around the River Ukrina was the oldest settlement in this region. Some of the traces suggest the remains from Paleolithic Era, human settlements from the time of Krapina Neanderthal, pile-dwelling settlements and Roman settlements.

Although there is no credible evidence, it is known that a parish called ‘Glaž’ existed in the area of today’s Prnjavor at the time of the Byzantine Empire. A more intensive colonization of this area is related to the immigration of the Slavs to the Balkan Peninsula in the 6th and 7th century.
Stećak tombstone sites in the areas of Pečena Ilova, Vijačani and other places indicate a very turbulent history of the area. Town of Prnjavor was first mentioned in written records in 1829.

The very name of Prnjavor carries several meanings and, according to some people, medieval monasteries had their estates, which were called Prnjavor and the residents of these estates were called Prnjavorci (English: residents of Prnjavor) This is the main reason why many believe the town has that name.