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Petrovo, formerly a mining settlement and small town, but today the largest settlement in the area of Ozren.

It is located in the north-eastern foot of the gentle Ozren Mountain and it extends along the left valley of the Spreca River.
Its area is rich in various mineral raw materials such as: asbestos, kaolin, clay, thermal mineral and alkaline water, as well as some precious, still not explored enough, metals.

The municipality of Petrovo is now developing tourism in the beautiful landscapes of Ozren in whose central point we can find the settlement Kaludjerica, a monastery of St. Nicholas in Ozren built in 13thcentury and as well as some hospitality – tourism facilities.

The population of Petrovo is preserving the tradition of the Ozren area by singing original songs, by preserving famous Ozren games, Ozren traditional clothes and organising large people gatherings on Margaret the Virgin, on 31st July in Kakmuz and on the Assumption, 28th August, at the monastery