Mountain Ozren

Mount Ozren is located in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a lower mountain range, between Bosna River to the west amd Sperča River to the north. Mount Ozren stretches southeast along wonderful Krivaja River in the south and connects with woody Mount Konjuh, while Ozren slopes descend to the east to Modrac Lake.

This area is characterised with spacious glades, rich pastures, thermal water springs, clear mountain creeks and numerous streams snaking though pine and oak forests. The climate is temperate continental, with hot summers and harsh winters.

Combine your favourite activities in Ozren: cycling, walking through a forest, swimming in lake, photo-safari or painting Ozren landscapes and – you can choose something completely different – like flying!

We recommend paragliding, tandem jumping, mountaineering, mountain biking…take a breathless adventure!